How Do You Find Out Other Countries' International Dialing Codes?


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A comprehensive list of international dialing codes of all countries is available at CountryCode.org. Users can either use the drop-down menu at the top or the list below to find out the international dialing code of a country. The website also provides ISO codes, population data, landmass and GDP in U.S. dollars.

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Country codes make it possible to make calls from and to any country in the world. Every country has a unique international country code. While most country codes are two digit numbers, some countries may have single or three digit country codes. For instance, whereas the country codes of France and the United Kingdom are 33 and 44, the country code of the United States is 1. Similarly, the Republic of Ireland uses 333 as its international country code.

Before placing an international call, it is also necessary to put an international exit code before the country code. For calls made from the United States to other countries, the exit code is 011. The international exit code is sometimes represented as a plus sign. Likewise, you can use the plus sign when the exit code is unknown. Press and hold the button for zero while dialing a number to type the plus sign.

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