How Do You Find Out About Oklahoma Mineral Rights?


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Find out about mineral rights in Oklahoma by contacting the local county clerk's office, suggests the Oklahoma Geological Survey. The records for each county are kept by the courthouse.

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Mineral rights can be difficult to trace, so specialists called landmen can be hired to find relevant information, but this process can be expensive, notes Mineral Hub. Some abstract offices and landmen are more efficient than others; consider asking a county clerk for a recommendation.

If conducting your own research, read all records thoroughly, suggests Mineral Hub. Different kinds of mineral deeds exist, and not all of them transfer ownership. Some may also only apply to specific minerals or shares. Due to the complexity of these titles, consider hiring a professional if the research must hold up in court or other legal transactions.

Because county courthouses usually do not automatically update mineral rights records, they can sometimes be out of date, notes Oklahoma Watch. If the owner of the mineral rights cannot be found but a company wants to lease those rights, Oklahoma law allows the company to go ahead with the lease. The owner is still entitled to the profits, however, and the money is held by the state as unclaimed property.

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