How Do You Find Out the Names of Private Home Owners in Your Neighborhood?

Look up the names of private property owners by address through the county clerk and recorder's office records. County tax assessor offices are another source of property ownership information.

Ownership documents, such as warranty deeds and deeds of trust, must be recorded in the county records office for the county where the property is located. Therefore, unless the property is owned by a trust or corporation, the individual owner or owners are listed on these documents and maintained in the records of the county. Most county recorders have these records available to search on their websites. If the property is owned by a business entity, search the secretary of state's business records to find named officers of the business and/or the registered agent for the business.

County tax assessors also maintain public records and are typically searchable online as well. The websites of both clerk and recorder offices and tax assessor offices usually allow you to search by address or by owner name. The tax assessor offices also include such information as the assessed value of the property and whether the most recent taxes have been paid. A search of the county recorder's records may also reveal past owners of the property as well as any foreclosure notices, judgment or mechanics' liens, and tax liens on the property.