How Do You Find Out How Much Child Support Is Owed to a Child?


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The method for checking the owed amount of child support differs between states, but can include viewing online accounts, calling the clerk of the court for the specific municipality or contacting the Department of Children and Family Services or similar agency for the state, as noted by CA.gov. This information is only available to parties involved in the child support case, lawyers and law enforcement.

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Parents paying child support in the state of California have access to the Customer Connect online system, which allows them to log in, make payments and check payments received. The website is secure and managed by the state. The information can also be accessed by telephone. Login issues or any other questions can be directed to the customer service number, notes CA.gov.

Indiana offers an online payment history. This allows users to view and track their payments. Users can direct questions to the state's KIDS line or call their local Clerk of the Courts office, states IN.gov. The records provided are not certified, so they cannot be used in court. Those records need to be obtained through the clerks' office.

The North Carolina Child Support department offers an online database for both payers and payees. Users can check payments they are waiting on along with payments made and see if they are up to date on their payments.

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