How Do You Find Out About Military Housing?

How Do You Find Out About Military Housing?

Information about the availability of military housing can be found online through the U.S. Department of Defense, or DOD, website. Housing information is also available on the Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Installation and Environment website.Both of these sites offer information about military housing throughout the U.S. and locations close to military bases.

Military personnel with familyare eligible for special housing allowances. Under a program enacted in 1996, the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, or MHPI, private sector financing is available to help families find and finance a home.

Through the offices of the Military Services, the Secretary of Defense and MHPI entered an agreement with private construction companies to come up with a competitive program for the military to own, maintain and offer housing.

The DOD primarily relied on the private sector to supply housing. The government paid housing allowances for military families.

The MHPI program helped solve the housing problems. Most of the DOD-owned homes were in poor condition, and there was a shortage of quality and affordable private housing available. Under the new program, the private sector can offer military families financial options for loans and investments that may make it possible for military families to afford a home where they choose to live instead of relying on locations and neighborhoods that don't suit their needs or desires.