How Do You Find Out About Local Election Candidates?

To find information about local election candidates, check your local newspaper for local candidate and voting information, attend city or town hall meetings, watch your local news programs, and check online for more information. Check for information on the individual candidate's website, your political party website or voter information websites.

On, you can enter your address to find information on your local candidates and political issues. This website also provides election dates and contact information, local polls and voter registration forms. allows you to click on your state to show all of your state's political candidates and links to their websites. It provides an election calendar, assistance in determining your district, candidate media, polls and voter information website links. allows you to search for local candidate information by entering the candidate's name or your ZIP code. If you enter your ZIP code, you receive a drop-down list of all of the candidates in your area. This website provides the candidate's biography, contact information, voting history, positions on major issues, ratings and endorsements, past speeches and campaign finance records. On this website, you can utilize the tracking tool to receive updated information about your local candidates and find information about local issues and interest groups.