How Do You Find Out Who Is in Jail in Pasco County?

How Do You Find Out Who Is in Jail in Pasco County?

Navigate to the Pasco County Sheriff's In Custody website, and scroll down to the list of individuals currently incarcerated in the Pasco County Jail. You can also enter a specific inmate’s name or booking number to search the Pasco County Jail records. Search results may be limited by booking date, release date, sex or race.

The inmate list on the Pasco County Sheriff’s In Custody page are sorted by how recently the inmate was booked into the jail, with the latest bookings first. The inmate list can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. For example, to create an alphabetical list of Pasco County Jail inmates, click on the Last Name column heading.

Once you have found the inmate for whom you are searching, click on View. Next, you see a mug shot of the inmate, the inmate’s date of birth, arrest dates, address, arresting agency and alleged crime.

The Pasco County Sheriff maintains a similar list of individuals arrested in Pasco County, but may not have been jailed. Navigate to the Arrests page of the Pasco County Sheriff website, which is organized like the In Custody page. Scrolling down the page, you see a list of arrests by the Pasco County Sheriff, with the most recent arrest listed first. As with the In Custody page, you can also search for an individual by name or booking number.

The Pasco County Sheriff also maintains a Facebook page on which it lists recent arrests and incarcerations, together with mugshots of the individuals.