How Do You Find Out Where Impounded Vehicles Are Taken in Your City?

Find a police-impounded vehicle by contacting the local police department. If the car was towed from private property, contact the company that regulates the lot, states The process of finding an impounded car depends on the company that towed it.

Each city's police department uses a particular police-authorized towing company, notes If a car was towed from public property, such as those impounded during an arrest, the city can direct the driver to the towing company that has the vehicle. Contact the police department's non-emergency number to find the location of the vehicle.

Most cities require that the towing companies that regulate private parking lots have signs posted around the lot stating where to find a car that has been towed. If the vehicle was impounded by one of these companies, contact the number on the sign or contact the property owner for more information.

Cities around the United States have different regulations in place for getting a car out of impound. For example, in Arizona, to retrieve an impounded car the driver needs proof of insurance, a driver's license and current registration and must pay any towing fees incurred, notes Each city's requirements may differ, so contact the proper authorities for more information.