How Do I Get Out of a Gym Membership Contract?


Members seeking to cancel a gym membership must look for specific clauses in the contract that allow cancellation, said Dean Dunham in an article in The Daily Mirror. Some gyms allow members to cancel within a certain time period. Some contracts may allow members to cancel due to special circumstances.

There are gyms that give members only a few days to cancel. Others give members up to 30 or 60 days to sever ties, according to Amy E. Feldman of CBS Philly. Some contracts release members who are injured. A sudden loss of a job is another circumstance that could be considered grounds for cancellation. Members wishing to cancel should follow all of the gym's procedures for initiating the cancellation. For instance, a gym may stipulate that members need to submit a written letter stating the reason for canceling. The gym must be given this letter within 30 days to be valid.

It's prudent to read the full contract and understand the gym's policy on cancellation before signing up for membership, said Bob Sullivan of in an MSN Money article. Consumers can take a proactive approach by planning an exit strategy in advance. Cancellation terms in the contract can be discussed during the initial meeting with gym staff. Upon joining, new members should ask the gym for a copy of the cancellation policy.

Declining automatic payment deductions prevents the gym from taking direct deposit payments from a member's bank account should a problem with cancellation arise, Sullivan said.