How Do You Find Out About Building Restrictions in Your Area?


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Find out the building restrictions in your area by contacting your local housing office, municipal attorney or city mayor, advises Legal Match. Some local libraries also keep building and zoning codes on file for reference. Homeowner associations and gated communities may have additional building restrictions.

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Municipalities require building permits and inspections. The building restrictions and regulations help ensure all homes are properly constructed and meet the municipalities requirements for energy efficiency, explains SFGate. Building restrictions are established by local zoning laws and codes, notes Legal Match, and some municipalities post their zoning laws online.

Building restrictions may include setback laws, which regulate the distance between the property line and erected buildings, according to SFGate. Knowing the local setback laws helps builders determine the dimension of homes and buildings when constructing on a vacant lot.

Building restrictions also include building height guidelines, adds SFGate. These are common in hillside communities and ensure that a home or building does not obstruct the view of neighborhood residents. Local building restrictions may also include guidelines for power lines, septic tanks and other utilities. For example, unless the water and sewer source come from the municipality, many areas require approval before a sewer and water connection is installed.

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