What Are Other Words for Fire?

Some other words for fire include blaze, inferno, heat, flames, sparks and glow. The discovery of fire was one of the first discoveries man made out of necessity.

In 2013, wildfires were a problem in western parts of the United States. According to the U.S. National Park Service, 90 percent of the wildfires are caused by humans. Human fires are caused by improperly throwing away burning cigarettes, deliberate acts of arson, campfires that have gone unattended and the burning of waste. The leftover 10 percent are caused by lightning and lava. A fire needs three components to exist. Those three components are oxygen, heat and fuel. If one of those components is missing, a fire cannot exist. For a fire to exist, air must be at least 16 percent oxygen, and there needs to be an external source of heat. Fuel is the last component in fire. Fuel is defined as material that has the ability to burn. This includes living trees, dried branches or man-made structures comprised of wood. According to propertycasusualty360.com, in 2013 wildfires burned four million acres of land in the United States. In 2013, California experienced the third largest and most costly wildfire in history. The fire cost the state over $100 million.