What Is the Origin of Planned Parenthood?


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Planned Parenthood originated as a response to the restrictive Comstock laws of the late 1800s, which made contraception illegal. The Planned Parenthood Foundation of America was established officially in 1923 by Margaret Sanger, a nurse with a special interest in providing safe birth control and comprehensive family planning services.

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Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in America in 1916 and faced a criminal conviction for distributing birth control information. The appeals process of her conviction led to a reinterpretation of the state of New York's laws regarding birth control, and Sanger merged the American Birth Control League and the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau to form Planned Parenthood in its modern conception.

Planned Parenthood has contributed to a widespread change in the way American policies deal with birth control and family planning, and its influence has led to development in women's health research and innovations in family planning medicine.

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