Which Organizations Offer Financial Help for Taking Care of a Disabled Person?

Which Organizations Offer Financial Help for Taking Care of a Disabled Person?

Several government agencies, including the Social Security Administration and the U.S. Veterans Administration, along with private organizations, offer financial help to those with disabilities and their caretakers. Eligibility for these programs is based on income, age and disability type.

The federal government offers programs to help those with disabilities and their caretakers meet their financial needs. The Social Security Administration oversees the Social Security Disability Insurance program and the Supplemental Security Income program, which provide financial benefits to the disabled. Both programs require an application, which can be found on the Social Security Administration's website.

Disabled veterans may apply for services through the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA). Along with financial assistance, the VA offers special services for the purchase of adaptive equipment and service vehicles.

State administered Medicaid programs offer financial and medical services for disabled children and adults. Funding for medical costs and equipment is also included in some Medicaid plans. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) benefits and Temporary Cash Assistance is available to some households with a disabled member, based on income and household size. The website Benefits.gov offers a search system for government benefits by type.

Additionally, some non-profit and faith-based organizations provide funds for disabled people and those who care for them.