What Organizations Offer Christian Voter Guides for Florida Residents?

Organizations that offer Christian voters guides for Florida residents include the Family Research Council, Faith and Freedom Coalition and Christian Coalition of America. The mission of these organizations is to get unregistered Christians to register as voters, educated in the Biblical worldview, and to encourage them to vote accordingly on the election date, notes CC.org.

Family Research Council encourages pastors to host Voter Registration Sundays and address the importance of voting to the congregation. Also, it provides the material and resources needed for the registration exercises. The organization is a state-based policy council that focuses on the family. Its mission is to strengthen Florida families through grassroots advocacy, issue research and public policy education.

Faith and Freedom Coalition mobilizes conservative men and women of faith and their friends and teaches them to become effective citizens. After becoming members, citizens are expected to become an ambassador for the organization and help in distributing Faith and Freedom Voters Guides in their community. The organization has the view that the federal government does not define the greatness of America and that it lies in the character of the American people.

Christian Coalition of America organization comprises of pro-family Americans who ensure that the government serves to preserve and strengthen American families and values rather than threaten them. By working with local churches, the organization conducts regular voter registration, distributes legislative scorecards and non-partisan voter guides to church members and disseminates legislative updates throughout the year.