What Organizations Give Assistance Paying Utility Bills?


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The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Weatherization Assistance Program and Home Energy Assistance Program are all examples of programs that help families with paying their utility bills. These organizations exist both on the federal and state level and provide various forms of assistance for families experiencing hardships.

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Lifeline is an organization that reduces the cost of monthly phone and Internet bills for eligible families. The Home Energy Assistance Program gives financial aid to eligible homes that need help in heating and cooling.

Benefits.gov provides a list of programs that offer energy assistance to families. This list gives information about organizations on both a federal and state level. Some utility companies, such as Georgia Power, have their own aid relief programs where other customers provide money to help families going through hardships.

Utility companies can sometimes provide aid to homes without directly reducing the bill. Many companies, especially those located in certain regions, provide materials along the lines of air conditioning units or fans in order to help keep a home cool during the summer months. Companies are also known for extending the allowed amount of time to pay a bill in order to prevent the utility from being shut off.

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