What Does the Organization Grants for Grandparents Do?


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Grants for Grandparents is a Zambian charity that provides small business grants to grandparents in need who are caring for their orphaned grandchildren. Many of these children are orphans because of the country’s HIV/AIDS epidemic, which has left 10 percent of the total population of Zambia classified as vulnerable children, as of 2015. Grants for Grandparents is administered by Be A HERO Australia.

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Around one-third of Zambia's orphans are cared for by their grandparents, but these families are often very poor and have few resources. Grants for Grandparents provides grandparents a chance to establish income-generating enterprises such as retail businesses or crafting. These lead to self-sustainability in the short term, but the long-term goal is a pathway out of poverty for their grandchildren due to the education a regular income can provide.

The charity employs local Zambian staff to offer business training, monitoring and ongoing support to the grandparents to ensure their micro-enterprises have the best possible chance of success. The project also ensures the children are enrolled in school as a condition of help. Emergency assistance is available for the families if necessary, and medical care is provided for any of the orphan children living with the HIV/AIDS virus.

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