How Do You Order a New Social Security Card?

To order a new Social Security card, you must request one directly from the Social Security Administration. A Social Security card is an important document that shows your Social Security number, which is needed for government services, employment and credit. Your card should always be kept in a safe place.

  1. Provide required documents to show proof of citizenship, age and identity

    Gather original documentation stating your citizenship, age and identity. You must provide at least two forms of documentation. The most commonly used and accepted forms of documentation include a U.S. Passport, birth certificate, driver's license or state ID card.

  2. Complete the application for a Social Security card

    The application for the card is available on the Social Security Administration's website. Locate the application, fill out all of the required fields, print the application and sign it.

  3. Mail or bring the documents and application to your local Social Security office

    Once you have gathered all of your required documents and completed your application, you must submit them to a Social Security office. Documents can be mailed or delivered in person to any Social Security office. Search for your local office on the Social Security Administration's website using your zip code. Once your application is approved, expect to receive your new card in the mail within 10 to 14 days.