What Are Orange County Criminal Records?

What Are Orange County Criminal Records?

If someone has had any type of dealings with law enforcement, they may have a criminal record. Orange County criminal records are documentation and evidence of interactions with law enforcement that have happened within Orange County.

Criminal records give information about all arrests, convictions, sentences, dismissals, verdicts finding a person innocent and violations of probation or parole. Since laws vary from state to state, the individual records, titles and length of storage vary, but record-keeping is much more robust than it has been, with the advent of computers, databases and servers.

While Orange County seems detailed enough to determine where an infraction occurred, there are currently eight states that have an Orange County: California, Florida, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont and Virginia. Each state has varying laws about the availability, research and review of these records.

If there is a desire to research or access these records, it is best to consult with the state in which the issue arose. The website USA.gov gives links for each state and the District of Columbia, allowing the user to connect and determine the data that is available online.

As of 2014, some states do not have online access to all criminal records. There are many issues surrounding the privacy of these records, and not all states have created a firm policy that it deems fair to everyone.