Are All Opportunities for Filling Envelopes From Home Scams?


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Opportunities for filling envelopes from home are probably scams, and consumers should carefully investigate them before becoming involved, reports the Federal Trade Commission. Due to modern mailing equipment and techniques, there is no need for workers to stuff, address and mail envelopes from home, warns the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

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Advertisements for work-at-home schemes such as envelope stuffing typically offer large amounts of money to people such as the elderly, the handicapped, mothers of young children, the unemployed and others with low income, according to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. However, victims are first required to pay a fee or purchase materials. Consumers are promised a large sum for each envelope they stuff, but instead of payment, they receive instructions to offer the same opportunity to friends and relatives for a fee, states the Federal Trade Commission.

Before sending any money to participate in filling envelopes from home, consumers should ask promoters such questions as how they get paid, where the physical business is located, how long the business has been operating, whether payment is by commission or salary, and who pays for supplies and postage, reports the Federal Trade Commission. They should also seek information about the business from the state Attorney General, the Better Business Bureaus where the consumer lives and where the business is supposedly located, and local consumer-protection agencies.

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