What Are Some Online Services Provided by the Comptroller of Maryland?

The Comptroller of Maryland's website offers a number of services including state tax assistance, unclaimed property searches and a resource section to assist residents in finding information, notes MarylandTaxes.com. There are also government services available on the website in addition to the services for residents such as those for state payroll.

The tax services provided by the comptroller include iFile, tax payment options, forms for business taxpayers, quick access to tax regulations and forms for tax professionals and disputing options. iFile allows Maryland residents to file their state taxes online, and residents need information from their federal taxes in order to be able to file this way. The iFile system does require registration, but does not have a fee associated with it. Tax payments can be made for both federal taxes and state taxes through an e-pay website that is provided, notes MarylandTaxes.com.

The unclaimed property services offered by the comptroller's office allow Maryland residents and people who live outside the state to search a database of unclaimed property. This property can be land or money that was either an inheritance from insurance, a refund from a business or land that was bequeathed in a will. The companies or holders of the property need to have tried to reach out to the person who is owed the property without success before it is listed in the unclaimed property search.