What Online Services Are Available Through the Superior Court of California in Sacramento?


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Some of the online services available through the Superior Court of California in Sacramento include small claims E-filing, unlawful detainer E-filing, payments of certain fines, traffic citation references, family correspondence, case progress and automated notifications regarding new files. The court regularly updates its website in order to provide pertinent information to the public.

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Anyone wishing to initiate court action with regards to small claims can do so through a small claims E-filing option available on the courts website. Small claims procedures generally involve small sums of money and legal fees. When a landlord or tenant is having an issue, he or she can file an unlawful detainer lawsuit in order to get legal help. This E-filing services is available for both landlords and tenants.

Another service available online regards payment of fines. This is especially applicable to people who have outstanding traffic fines. The service makes it convenient for such people to settle their dues through monthly installments, credit cards, by mail and by mail.

E-correspondence is the next service provided by this court. This services allows members of a given family to ask questions and receive answers pertaining to issues in court. The website also offers general information to the public in order to foster transparency and accountability.

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