How Often Are Online Medical Directories Updated?


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The frequency of updates for online medical directories depends on the individual organization; for example, Aetna Insurance updates its directory six times per week, while the Iowa Medical Society updates its online membership directory once per month. An online medical directory provides information to patients about doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities in a desired location.

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Having current information on physicians and hospitals is important, especially in times of emergency. Physicians may retire, pass way, change practices, change hospital affiliations, or move to another building, city or state.

Online medical directory searches can focus on the physician's name, practice, address, specialty or operating hours, depending on the database. A search for a medical facility, such as an urgent care facility or hospital, is often based on location, number of beds, types of procedures that are available or associated physicians or practices connected to the facility. Using a directory like this is ideal when searching for a physician that specializes in a particular medical field, such as obstetrics, sports injuries or elder care.

In most cases, the listings of physicians and medical facilities is done free of charge by the organization providing the listing. Other information can frequently be found through a local or state medical society.

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