How Do You Find a Free Online Law Library?

Free online law libraries are available from sources including the federal government, which publishes limited resources through the Library of Congress website; private companies including the Public Library of Law and Legal Match; and law schools including the University of Washington and Harvard. Resources available at each site include case law as well as statute, code and regulations. Some sites, such as Legal Match, categorize resources into legal specialty, such as family or corporate law.

The legal information available online for free is generally categorized differently, depending on the type of entity that makes the information available. A private company such as the Public Library of Law or Legal Match makes legal information available for free in order to publicize products or services, such as software or a lawyer search, as those two organizations note on their respective websites. Law schools provide free online law libraries designed to serve the needs of law students and other researchers who may lack the resources available to working lawyers or law firms, notes the Harvard Law School Library. The goal of a government site, such as the Library of Congress Law Library, is to guide the user to reliable and authoritative information, with an emphasis on legal material written by lawyers for others in the legal profession, states the Library of Congress.