Are There Any Ongoing Lawsuits Against the Makers of the Biomet Partial Knee Replacement Company?

As of 2015, there are currently several ongoing lawsuits against the medical implant company Biomet, according to DrugWatch. The lawsuits relate to component failures in their hip and knee replacement implants.

The majority of lawsuits brought against the Biomet corporation have been in response to hip replacement component failures. As is common with lawsuits of this kind, the federal court system centralized all lawsuits, present and future, against Biomet in 2012, according to DrugWatch. In 2014 Biomet paid out $56 million in settlements to plaintiffs.There are several remaining lawsuits against Biomet taking place in courts at the state level, as reported by DrugWatch.

These lawsuits are mostly due to hardships suffered by patients when their implants failed. The severity of these hardships varies from requiring a replacement surgery to excruciating pain. There have also been reported cases of metal poisoning due to implants breaking down and depositing metal shards inside the bodies of implanted persons, according to DrugWatch.

Beyond the lawsuits Biomet has also made a number of implant recalls. Since 2003 there have been 75 recalls on components used in knee replacement surgeries, claims The majority of these were for the Biomet VanGuard CR knee implants. Reasons for recall include: improper sizing of implants, improper assembly of implanted parts during surgery, or a lack of features claimed to be present in Biomet's advertising, reports