How Does One Obtain a Copy of Their Marriage License?


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A marriage license can be obtained through the vital statistics office in the state in which the marriage was legally performed. The person attempting to require the copy will need to send a letter to the office with the names of both partners, the date of the marriage, where the couple married and the reason for requesting the copy. A printable application will need to be included in the mail, which can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website or on a state's vital statistics website.

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All states have the address of the office of vital statistics listed on the state's website. Most states require a small fee to be paid for the request in the form of a mail-in money order. The fee differs from state to state. Fees for requesting the marriage license are always subject to change, but never go over the sum of $50, as of 2015. The request must be sent in to the state office, as the federal government does not deal with such requests. If the person requesting the marriage license is not one of the two married people, proof of relationship to the couple will need to be provided and examined before the request can be completed. Approved relationships usually include parents of either member of the marriage.

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