How Does One Change the Address on an EBT Account?

Each state has its own policies regarding reporting changes on EBT accounts, but you generally call the local department that oversees the EBT program to report any changes. Many states provide EBT information online with the phone numbers for local offices or outline the procedures for reporting changes.

Get in contact with the local office that administers your EBT as soon as possible. If an EBT recipient does not report changes, including an address change, the state can delay or terminate benefits, or even take legal action against the recipient. Recipients might be fined, have their benefits taken away, or be required to pay back benefits. EBT offices send out important correspondence to the address they have on file for recipients, so recipients might miss important information if they do not report any address changes in a timely manner.

If you are unsure which office processed the original EBT application, call any EBT office in the state. EBT applicant and recipient information is stored in state wide databases, so any office in the state can help process changes. If the EBT office sends an interim or yearly reporting form close to the time of the address change, use that form to report the change.