How Does One Apply for Benefits at the Social Security Website?


To apply for benefits at the Social Security website, select the “Apply for Retirements Benefits” button at the website, then answer some personal questions along with questions about family and work. Clicking the “Submit Now” button signs the application electronically and completes the application. The online Social Security application is then submitted to Social Security without the need to sign any paper forms or, in most cases, provide any additional documentation.

If a person is at least 61 years and 9 months old, is not currently receiving Social Security benefits, has not already applied for retirement benefits, and wants benefits to begin no more than four months in the future, he can apply for Social Security benefits online.

Applying for Social Security online has several benefits, such as the ability to avoid physical trips to the Social Security office. The applicant is also able to answer questions on his own time and correct any mistakes before submission. Applying for Social Security online also enables the applicant to check the status of the application with a confirmation number provided upon completion.

After the online application is submitted, Social Security reviews the application and contacts the applicant if more information is needed or if other family members are also able to receive benefits. A final decision is then mailed to the applicant after all information is processed.