How Do You Get Ohio Birth Records?

How Do You Get Ohio Birth Records?

How Do You Get Ohio Birth Records?

Obtain Ohio birth records by going to a city, county or state health office, filling out an application, and paying the fee. Alternatively, order birth records online or by mail.

  1. Find a location

    Obtain birth certificates at any city or county health office or at the Ohio Department of Health main office in Columbus. To find a list of all health offices in the state, go to the main page of the Ohio Department of Health website. Scroll down to Hot Links, and click on Birth Certificates. In section 1, click on Click Here to Review Our Statewide Directory.

  2. Fill out an application

    Download and print out the form from the Ohio Department of Health website for walk-in or mail applications. Access the online form from the Department of Health website. Give your name, address, email and phone number. Fill in the full legal name of the child as entered in the original birth record, the full date of birth, the mother's maiden name, and the city and county of birth.

  3. Pay the fee

    If you walk in, pay by credit card, check, money order or cash. If you order a certificate by mail, pay with check or money order. Use a credit card to pay online. The state office in Columbus offers same-day service. Deliveries by mail take up to three weeks.