What Are the Official Navy Uniforms?


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The Navy has many different official uniforms, but as of 2015, those for working soldiers consist of a shirt and trousers with a bluish-gray camouflage pattern, black boots and an eight-point cap. Navy personnel also have dress uniforms for formal occasions and service uniforms for office environments.

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As of 2015, the military has been pushing towards more gender neutral clothing, so most male and female uniforms are very similar. Perhaps the biggest difference between male and female working uniforms, for soldiers performing tasks in the field, is that female sailors have a military-issue brassiere and can accessorize with silver ball earrings or a black handbag. Otherwise, female and male sailors both wear fatigues with blue digital camouflage, a kind of pattern that has been nicknamed "blueberry" by military personnel.

Dress uniforms in the navy come in two forms: blue and white. These consist of a jumper and trousers, with contrasting piping. The distinctive white sailor's cap featured in these uniforms is nicknamed the "Dixie cup". Female sailors have worn a bucket hat rather than the traditional Dixie cup, but as of 2015, the Navy is moving towards all sailors wearing the white cap, regardless of gender.

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