How Do You Obtain Transcripts From 911 Calls?

Availability of 911 transcripts and how to obtain them depend on the state, but you can obtain records by filing a public records request in states that consider 911 calls public record, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. As of 2015, some states that consider 911 calls public record are Iowa, Maine and Ohio. However, even these states have certain laws that limit who can obtain the transcripts and make certain transcripts confidential.

In Iowa, 911 calls that contain no confidential information are considered open records, and can be requested by anyone, states the Iowa Attorney General. Recording that contain confidential information can be kept confidential, but the date, time, nature of the crime and other information must be released. If the release of the information on the tape could hinder an investigation or jeopardize a person's safety, the tape can be kept confidential.

In California, public record requests for crime reports, accident reports and calls for service logs are handled by the local law enforcement agency, states the Los Angeles Police Department. Information may be redacted from the records before they are released, such as identifying information of a minor, identifying information about confidential informants, information that can hinder an individual's right to a fair trial and other sensitive information.