How Do You Obtain Proof of Citizenship?


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The state government issues a U.S. birth certificate or naturalization certificate, which serves as the primary proof of citizenship for people naturalized or born in the United States or its territories abroad, according to FindLaw. Secondary proof of citizenship includes a certificate of consular registration or birth, U.S. passport or certificate of citizenship.

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To obtain a certificate of consular registration of birth abroad, U.S. citizens must register any child they have outside the United States with the U.S. consulate within five years of birth. Findlaw advises parents to keep the certificates safe because they are unlikely to get duplicates if they lose them. People who do not have the consular certificate need to apply for a passport or certificate of citizenship.

The applicant must prove his parents are U.S. citizens and provide documentary evidence showing they meet all residency requirements and that his parents adhered to the requirements, explains FindLaw. A person has a higher chance of securing a U.S. passport if he applies through a consulate office abroad. The American Citizenship and Immigration Services is the issuing authority for the certificate of citizenship. Documentation for obtaining such certification includes the parents’ birth certificates, marriage certificates and naturalization certificates. Applicants should file a proof of name with their application for the certificate of citizenship.

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