How Do You Obtain an Outdoor Burn Permit in Georgia?


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The Georgia Forestry Commission provides an online form to obtain a burning permit. It requires selecting the county and permit type. The form needs basic information such as the person's name, address and phone number, explains the Georgia Forestry Commission.

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As of 2015, the public can request burning permits over the phone by calling 877-652-2876, according to the Georgia Forestry Commission. This is also the number to call with any questions or concerns about burning outdoors.

A burning permit is for small garden locations and hand-piled natural vegetation only, states the Georgia Forestry Commission. It is not for machine clearing of an area and burning the debris. Weed abatement, pest prevention, flower gardens and vegetative debris are all allowed with this type of burn permit. Fires are not allowed before 8:00 a.m. and must be out before dark.

Georgia residents should check with their local fire danger rating and fire weather forecast before burning anything outdoors, suggests the Georgia Forestry Commission. They should avoid burning when the fire danger forecast is a class four or five, as this is a high-risk fire danger rating. There are warnings posted when it is a high-class fire day. The forecasts are available online at the Georgia Forestry Commission website and on the daily news for each county.

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