How Do You Obtain Offender Information in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections provides an offender search tool on its website that provides the information for any criminal offender who is, at the time of the search, incarcerated or under probation with the state of Oklahoma. This database does not keep track of criminal offenders once they have completed their sentences, nor does it always provide an offender's complete criminal history. For violent and sexual offenders, the department provides separate databases of their addresses and prior offenses.

Alternatively, the organization Family Watchdog provides information on sexual and violent offenders across the United States, including in Oklahoma. The organization's website allows individuals to search for offenders by proximity to an address. It indicates on a map the name, address and criminal history of nearby registered offenders. Individuals can also search for individual records by name and state of residence, or by proximity to schools or daycares. Family Watchdog can provide individuals with email updates indicating when offenders move into, or out of, a particular area, and when a particular offender changes location.

Family Watchdog gets its information from databases like the Oklahoma sexual and violent offender databases, so its information, like theirs, is reliant upon offenders' informing the Department of Corrections when they change address.