How Do You Obtain Information About a Court Hearing?


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Obtain information about a court hearing through the court where the hearing takes place. For example, the State of Connecticut's Judicial Branch allows members of the public access to unsealed court files and hearing transcripts. Court hearing transcript requests go to the Court Reporter's Office at the relevant judicial district, according to Connecticut's Judicial Branch.

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Court hearing transcript requests must include the case name, docket number, relevant judge's name, the date and location of the hearing, the requesting individual's name and address, and a description of the part of the proceedings being requested. Cost estimates and delivery date projections are also given, notes Connecticut's Judicial Branch.

Individuals requesting transcripts of court proceedings in New York must go through the clerk of the court or the court reporter, per the New York State Unified Court System. These records are only available if the relevant proceedings were transcribed and placed into the court file. The court calculates costs on a per-page basis.

Requests for court files are also made through court clerks or court reporters. Court files typically contain information such as the arrest warrant, summons and complaint, arrest report, judgment and notice of rights. However, juvenile case files are often confidential, states Connecticut's Judicial Branch.

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