How Do You Obtain a Handicapped Parking Permit?


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It is possible to obtain a handicapped parking permit by completing and submitting a disabilities form to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV sets criteria that applicants for a handicapped parking permit must meet before being eligible for a parking permit, states DMV.org. If you suffer from a disabling condition that makes you eligible for a handicapped parking placard, consult your doctor, who then facilitates the application by signing the paperwork.

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Disability form are available either online or at your local DMV office. Request that your physician complete and sign the part of the form that certifies your disability. Submit the form with the related fees, if any, in person to the DMV or by mail to the address indicated on the form. Applicants who submit their forms in person to the DMV may have the certification requirement waived in some states, provided they are visibly disabled, notes WebMD.

Some states require eligible applicants to submit a physician’s prescription along with their applications, according to About.com. It is necessary to verify the criteria for qualification with your state. Eligible conditions include reduced visual acuity, severe cardiac conditions, inability to use one or both arms, lung disease, and loss or limited use of one or both legs, explains WebMD. Once the DMV approves your application, it issues a handicapped parking placard.

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