How Do You Obtain an FBI Fingerprint Card?

Order FBI fingerprint cards directly from the Federal Bureau of Investigation by submitting a CJIS Fingerprinting Supply Requisition Form. You must be in possession of an Originating Agency Identification number, or contact the CJIS Division, CCS File Unit of the FBI to obtain one. The ORI number must appear on the fingerprint card requisition form along with the name of the ordering agency and contact details. Submit the order form online or by fax.

The FBI supplies free fingerprint cards and training aids to agencies who have a nine-character ORI number. Qualified agencies can order quantities of FBI fingerprint cards with or without a pre-printed ORI number. Fingerprint cards have a white background and a choice of blue or red ink. The FBI typically processes and ships card orders to the ordering agency within two to three business days, and tracking orders requires contacting the Fingerprint Supply Center by phone.

In addition to providing agencies with fingerprint cards, the CJIS Division also handles identity history summaries for individuals. Since the FBI doesn't take fingerprints for this purpose, individuals must go to local, county or state law enforcement agencies that charge a fee for the service. The FBI also offers a list of approved channelers who are authorized to take fingerprints.