How Do You Obtain an Emergency Child Custody Order?

To obtain a temporary emergency custody order for a child, gather the necessary documentation to support your reasons for needing emergency custody, call your local family court, and file a petition for emergency custody with the court, explains The Law Dictionary. After filing a petition, the court sets a hearing that you must attend with the appropriate documentation.

To determine which court handles emergency custody orders in your municipality, call the clerk of courts for more information, suggests The Law Dictionary. Documentation that may provide the necessary evidence needed to prove your reason for claiming emergency custody include medical records, police reports, child psychiatrist evaluations, records of abuse and prior parental convictions, such as charges for previous violent crimes or sex offenses.

The petition filed with the court requires identifying information for both you and your child and a description of the reason for wanting emergency custody, notes The Law Dictionary. Attempt to back up all claims made on the petition with the necessary evidence and documentation. Mail the petition to the correct court, deliver it in person, or contact your local family court about the correct method for submitting the petition.

The court provides emergency custody orders only in urgent circumstances where there is an immediate concern of imminent harm toward the child or a concern that the child's other parent may remove the child from the jurisdiction, according to Men's Divorce, a service of Cordell & Cordell, P.C.