How Do You Obtain Dual Citizenship?

How Do You Obtain Dual Citizenship?

To obtain U.S. Dual Citizenship, go to the U.S. Immigration Support website, and download the application. The United States allows dual citizenship, but the U.S. government acknowledges caveats with the system.

Dual citizenship means that an individual is a citizen of two countries at the same time. Every country has its own laws regarding dual citizenship; some allow it, some do not, and some have no particular laws. Dual citizenship itself does not have an application; it is a process by which a person becomes a citizen of another country in addition to his or her country of birth. It is assumed that a person applying for U.S. Dual Citizenship is already a citizen in another country that recognizes dual citizenship. According to US Immigration Support, the U.S. government acknowledges complications with dual citizenship for the following issues:

• Double taxation issues

• Military service for dual citizens

• Marriage to a dual citizen

• Children of dual citizens

• Traveling with two passports

• Employment opportunities for dual citizens

• Entitlement to social programs

• Property ownership

• Recognition of foreign marriage inheritance issues for dual citizens

The U.S. Citizenship Application Guide offers guidelines that will help applicants with questions regarding laws and complications with becoming a U.S. dual citizen.