How Do You Obtain a DEA License?

How Do You Obtain a DEA License?

In order to obtain a DEA license, you must fill out a registration form, as well as pay the associated fee. The information required includes background information and identification.

  1. Select your business category and activity

    There are four registration forms to choose from: 224, which covers practitioners, hospitals and teaching institutions; 225 is for manufacturers, distributors, researchers and dog handlers; 510 is for chemical manufacturers and distributors; and Form 363 is for narcotic treatment clinics. Next, select your business activity. It is important to choose the correct category and activity, as failure to do so may result in delays or denial of your application.

  2. Fill out personal and business information

    When applying as an individual, such as for practitioners, you are required to provide your Social Security Number and phone number. However, if it is a business registration, the name, address, phone number and Tax ID are required. Next, further specify your business activity and drug schedule.

  3. Provide relevant licenses and background information

    It is required to provide State medical and controlled substance licenses and registrations if they are relevant to your business. Next, provide background information pertaining to controlled substances.

  4. Pay and confirm the application

    As of 2014, payment is non-refundable and may be paid online or mailed to Drug Enforcement Administration, Registration Section/ODR, P.O. Box 2639, Springfield, VA, 22152-2639, along with a printed application.