How Do You Obtain a Copy of a Police Report?

To obtain a copy of a police report, visit the city's police website, and find the guidelines to request a police report. Provide the necessary information for the request, keeping in mind that most police agencies only offer reports to those involved in the crime. Pay required fees, and submit the request.

  1. Find the guidelines

    Visit the local police station's website to find the guidelines to request a police report. Find the police station's methods to request police reports, which are usually in person, by mail or by telephone.

  2. Collect the necessary information

    Gather the required information for the police report request. Most police stations require the victim's information, the type of crime in the report, and the date and location of the incident. If an insurance company is submitting the request, provide the policy or claim number. To request as an attorney, provide the victim's consent to retrieve the report.

  3. Pay the fees

    Provide information to the police station along with any required fees.