How Do You Obtain Copies of State Immunization Records?

To obtain copies of state immunization records, submit an immunization record request form to your state's Department of Health and Human Services, or its equivalent department. The state then issues an immunization certificate, which can be presented to schools, camps and health care providers.

Many states maintain an immunization information system, which is an electronic registry of immunization records. If your state has an immunization information system, submit a request to the organization that manages the system. This department is maintained by the state health department. The immunization information system returns information directly to you and can also submit information to your health care provider, school or other organization.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a directory of immunization awardees, which are vaccination programs funded by government grants. This list includes island territories and major cities, such as Chicago and New York City. Patients who have taken part in these programs may request records from them. The CDC immunization tracker is a tool for keeping personal immunization records. This checklist enables parents to record and manage the immunizations of their children.

If state immunization records are not complete, you can request more information from previous health care providers, schools you or your child have attended and previous employers. The military preserves immunization records as well. Report new information to the state vaccination registry through your primary care provider. In the event that records cannot be found, patients may have to receive additional vaccinations; however, in some cases, a blood test can determine if a person is immune to a specific disease.