How Do You Obtain a Banjercito Vehicle Permit?


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Travelers are able to obtain a Banjercito vehicle permit by applying online, and they receive the permit by mail or at the local Banjercito office upon arrival in Mexico. Not all travel inside Mexico requires a vehicle permit. The applicant must be registered as the owner of the vehicle or be the spouse, child or parent of the vehicle owner, says Baja Bound.

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After determining the need for a Banjercito vehicle permit, submission of the application must take place within seven to 60 days of expected travel. Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 metric tons are not eligible for a permit, explains Baja Bound. When an applicant holds foreign citizenship, he must first request preimmigration authorization from the Instituto Nacional de Migración online before applying for a vehicle permit. Only applicants older than 18 receive permits. The Banjercito sends the permits after acceptance of payment.

After receipt of the vehicle permit, the person who requested the permit submits the documentation used in the process of applying. The three ways to submit documentation are email, courier or in person at the Banjercito after arrival in Mexico, according to Baja Bound. Permits are issued in the name of the credit card holder only. False information provided during the application process leaves the applicant subject to sanctions by the Mexican government. Banjercito retains the right to refuse an application for any reason.

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