What Does Obama Believe About Muslims?


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President Barack Obama believes that Muslims are good people and that Islam is a peaceful religion. As of February 2015, the president continues to denounce the American media for advancing a distorted impression of Muslims that he feels propagates terrorist narratives, reports Breitbart News Network.

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President Obama voices admiration and respect for Muslims, while simultaneously denouncing Islamic extremists. He doesn't think Islamic extremism is representative of mainstream Islam and believes that Islam is a religion that promotes peace and love. The president has often been criticized for emphasizing these positive aspects of the Islamic faith given the persistent terrorist threats from Islamic extremists. Still, President Obama has refused to associate Islamic extremism as “Muslim” and believes that he would be doing the American people a disservice if his rhetoric didn't support the fact that the vast majority of Muslims reject radical Islamic ideologies.

The president believes that many Americans have a biased view of Muslims as violent in large part because of the American media’s repetitive focus on Islamic extremism. Additionally, he contends that this distorted view of Muslims is a result of Muslim communities being a small portion of the American population and most Americans not personally knowing any Muslims. As of February 2015, President Obama continues to champion the idea that Muslims are peaceful, productive citizens.

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