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NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation is an organization that seeks to reduce immigration levels in the United States, according to the foundation's official website. Its more than three million members work to educate the public and persuade policymakers that reduced immigration is beneficial to the current population.

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NumbersUSA advocates a return to traditional levels of immigration that ensure a stable population and high levels of environmental quality, mobility, worker equity, individual liberty and fiscal responsibility, states the organization's website. The foundation describes itself as pro-immigrant and emphasizes its view that race and ethnicity are not valid factors in establishing immigration policy. NumbersUSA recommends continued permanent immigration of nuclear family members, immigrants with extraordinary skills and an appropriate share of international refugees. It believes other categories should be eliminated, such as extended family members, visa lottery recipients and foreign workers who lack exceptional skills.

A journalist named Roy Beck established the Foundation in 1996 after meeting with the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, notes NumbersUSA. The nonprofit organization also cites the work of President Clinton's Task Force on Population and Consumption as a key influence. Its core values include the belief that pragmatic immigration policy must focus on annual levels that result in a stable population and long-term sustainability. It also states that Congress and the President must amend the current policy in order to support American workers and prevent unfair competition and wage suppression.

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