What Numbers Are Toll-Free Besides 1 800 Numbers?

There are five toll-free three-digit codes in addition to 800 and they are 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844. The charge for a toll-free call is paid by the party being called and not by the party or person making the call. These toll-free numbers can usually be called from any United States or Canadian phone.

The party paying for a toll-free call is often a business or company that is willing to incur the cost of calls outside of the local area in order to attract more business or to be more accessible to a client base. The three-digit code 800 was the original toll-free calling code, but more three-digit codes had to be added after all 7.8 million possible phone numbers preceded by 800 were depleted.

Occasionally a three-digit area code that is very similar to a toll-free code will be used fraudulently by international callers who are attempting to pass as a local caller. There are also 900 numbers that are sometimes mistaken for 800 numbers; however calls made to 900 numbers are paid for by the caller at rates that are much more expensive than long-distance calls, typically to pay for additional services such as live chat.