What Numbers Should Be Included on an Emergency Phone Number List?


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Some of the numbers that should be on an emergency phone number list include the family doctor, emergency services, parent or close family member's contact, veterinarian's number, health insurance contact and close family friend. The numbers included on an emergency list may vary depending on the family set up and relationships.

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What Numbers Should Be Included on an Emergency Phone Number List?
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One of the most important numbers to include is that of a family doctor. This is because the doctor should be easy to contact in case any family member is experiencing a medical emergency. The contact number of a nearby health facility may work as a substitute in case their is no family doctor.

Another important contact to include is 911 or any other emergency service number. This contact can be of great help when the family or home is faced with potential danger that may include burglary, assault, fire outbreak or natural disasters.

The number for a close family member is also an essential part of an emergency list. This may allow people to get in touch with the family member in case of emergency. If the family has established good relations with neighbors or friends, it may also be prudent to include these contacts on the list.

Other numbers that may come in handy include the veterinarian's contacts for emergencies that regard livestock or pets and insurance contacts for issues that involve property.

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