How Does the Number of Voters in Texas Break Down by Demographics?

There were 9,949,000 voters registered for the November 2014 election in Texas, according to the United States Census Bureau. Of those total registered voters, 4,606,000 were male; 5,340,000 were female; 5,982,000 were White non-Hispanic; 1,334,000 were Black; 259,000 were Asian; and 2,255,000 were Hispanic (of any race).

Fifty one and six-tenths percent of the total voting-age population, and 59.1 percent of all voting-age citizens, were registered voters in Texas. Among all citizens, 57.0 percent of male, 60.9 percent of female, 66.2 percent of White non-Hispanic, 60.7 percent of Black, 45.8 percent of Asian and 46.2 of Hispanic (of any race) were registered to vote.

Thirty four and six-tenths percent of all voting-age Texan citizens voted in November 2014. Of those total voting-age citizens who voted, 32.2 percent were male, 36.9 percent were female, 41.8 percent were White non-Hispanic, 35.3 percent were Black, 18.0 percent were Asian and 22.4 percent were Hispanic (of any race).

The United States Census Bureau provides more election demographic data online, which can be viewed and downloaded on their Voting and Registration page. The Detailed Tables link, listed on the lefthand side of the page, directs users to another page with various spreadsheet file download links, titled according to data type.