How Does the Number of People in Your Family Affect Section 8 Income Limits?


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The number of people in a family affects Section 8 income limits because as the amount of people in a family increases, so does the maximum income allowed for housing eligibility, reports the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Additionally, families with children are given housing priority above individuals.

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The Section 8 program uses several tables to assess eligibility for housing, including low income limits, very low income limits and extremely low income limits, explains HUD. Specific income limits vary according to state and county. For instance, according to the HUD income table for Albany County, New York, the low income limit for a family of two is $52,650 per year, while for a family of four it is $65,800, as of 2015. The extremely low income limit for a family of two is $19,850, while for a family of four it is $24,800. To access income limit tables on individual states and counties, go to the Huduser.org main page, select Data Sets, select Income Limits, and click on Income FY Limits Documentation for the most current year.

Other than income limits and the size of the family, HUD gives priority in Section 8 housing vouchers to veterans, the elderly and the disabled, states HUD. Additionally, some areas give preference to applicants who are homeless, living in shelters, involuntarily displaced, spending over 50 percent of their income on housing, or living in substandard housing.

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