How Do You Get a Number Listed on Yellowbook?

How Do You Get a Number Listed on Yellowbook?

To get a number listed on YellowBook, go to, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on Add/Update Listing under the Printed Media heading, answer the questions on the online form, and click submit. Choose Residential or Business, and check Add New before proceeding to the next page.

To submit a new business listing, enter the business name, address details and phone number. Optional information to enter includes the email address, website and type of business. From the drop-down menu, choose the preferred YellowBook area directory for the listing.

To submit a new residential listing on YellowBook, enter the name, address and phone number before submitting the form.

Users search YellowBook online and in print to find information about local businesses and residential landline telephone numbers. On the website, users perform searches for businesses by entering the type of business and the specified location by city name or zip code. The results include the names, addresses and phone numbers of businesses that match the search query. A people search and a reverse phone number look-up search are available to find residential phone numbers, names and addresses.

As of 2015, homes and businesses receive free delivery of area-specific print directories of the YellowBook.