What Are Some Notorious Murders That Have Taken Place in New Jersey?


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Some of the notorious murders that have taken place in New Jersey include a mass murder in 1949, the killings of four people by a postal worker in 1991 and the murder a Morristown couple in 1833. All the suspects in these cases were arrested.

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In 1949, Howard Barton Unruh reportedly used a Luger to mass murder 13 people who he believed talked about him behind his back. Unruh was arrested for multiple counts of murder shortly after and was ruled insane. He spent his prison time inside the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital and died in 2009 at the age of 88.

Joseph Harris was a postal worker who claimed that a ninja spirit guided him to kill several people in separate accounts from 1988 to 1991. Harris donned a ninja costume, murdered Roy Edwards over a soured investment and escaped. After being fired from his postal service post in 1990, Harris resurfaced in his ninja costume and killed four people. Harris was sentenced to death in 1993 but died prematurely in 1996.

Frenchman Antoine Le Blanc bludgeoned a prominent Morristown couple and killed their servant in 1833. He buried the couple under a pile of manure, ransacked the couple's house and fled on a stolen horse. Fortunately, the trail of stolen goods led to his arrest in Hackensack Meadows before he could board a ship back to Europe. Le Blanc was condemned to death.

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